April 10, 2018

There are times when we want to be seeing things in a certain light but the universe shows us otherwise. It is these times when we would be best served to float with what we are seeing until clarity arises. In this clarity will be the universe's highest plan for us all, unraveling in incremental stages. We never know what part of the master plan we are standing in at any given moment.

No matter where our choices bring us we will be led to an outcome which matches up with our highest potential every time we keep in mind the idea of surrendering to the flow of the universe. When we utilize this method of living our lives with "surrendering to the flow" staying uppermost in our mind as we go through our day, we will find ourselves in a position of receiving everything in the form of a gift. No matter...

March 16, 2018

When we find ourselves at a point where we want to be moving forward with something but are being held back from it by seemingly invisible forces, it would serve us to look at where the resistance is actually coming from. Often it is so much easier to blame another, even God, when it is very likely coming directly from within our own psyche. The resistance which is flaring up can present itself in many ways. Procrastination is one. The inability to carry off something which normally comes very easily to us for whatever reason, another.

The first step is to recognize the presence of it. Only then can we go within ourselves to ask exactly what is holding us back from that which we are wanting to accomplish. The answer may come in many forms, but if we stay alert with our instincts, we will find the s...

February 10, 2018

When we get quiet with ourselves and ask that we be helped to see things through our highest vision for ourselves, we will often be led to amazingly simple answers which may just occur to us or be enfolded in something we see or hear as we continue to travel through our various experiences.

When we decide that the eyes of our smaller self is always the perception which has brought us to this place of pain or discomfort, we can conclude that the way of traveling past these discomforts is to change this perception by asking God or The Universe for help. As soon as we do this we are setting into motion a whole new way of seeing that which is happening around us. We have now let go of the outcome and surrendered control. This is what will now bring ease to our path.

December 8, 2017

The highest way we have of  functioning in our lives is to realize that we always have choice in everything we do including what we think about. The ways in which our thoughts play a part in our experience can be illustrated by our making the choice of seeing things as they truly are or by deciding to allow our smaller self to see them through the filters which only it can call forth. These filters get in our way unless we decide to push them aside and allow our higher self or inner God self, to step through giving us the power and ability to create exactly what we want to be seeing there instead.

Sometimes our mind gets wrapped up in the minutia of how things are adversely affecting us while the actual reality is that our perception of things color what we see always. Without fail. If we can just...

November 11, 2017

Everything we look at can be seen through the eyes of  our highest self. Should we decide to re-frame anything which we are currently perceiving as less than delightful into something quite uplifting instead, we will find the trouble we went to to get to this way of thinking about the issue at hand will be well worth the efforts.

The trouble is, sometimes this is not so easy. Sometimes we have such a difficult time with this re-frame we think its just not going to happen. But if we persevere, even the hardest subject to turn can be seen in a new light just by getting quiet and allowing our highest self to take the reins. As we slowly start up the mountain by allowing ourselves to bring forth ideas which are on the outskirts of being something positive about the subject or person, soon thoughts wil...

October 20, 2017

Sometimes we find ourselves mulling over something which is bringing us down. We generally think that enumerating every little thing about what ever is bothering us will help us to find a solution to the problem. The truth is the more we recount and retell, the more we think of even more things to be grousing about. This is an aspect of the Law of Attraction which will then cause us to spiral down on the issue even further, which ends up making it worse while also attracting other similar scenarios forward into our experience.
The key is to stop ourselves as soon as we realize what it is we are doing. Instead if we begin a slow rant of appreciation for something - even if it's not on the same subject or even close to it, the movement within our mind will be shifted over to a more positive, gratefu...

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