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My Personal Journey Within

Many people wonder just what was the spiritual experience that blasted me open to all kinds of incredible metaphysical gifts. Several years ago, I went into a very deep meditation led by a facilitator and suddenly began channeling Ascended Masters. It was an amazing experience and ushered in all sorts of paranormal activity that showed up around me for a couple of weeks until I let my fears overtake me. This compelled me to shut it all down until I could become better equipped for the changes this would bring about in my life. Slowly I opened back up, partially with the help of some stories I had written to help me build a stronger base from which to work from. These stories later became the book I would call A Journey Within.

I have always had a heightened sense of intuition, and an influx of songs that come my way to let me know the thought processes and feelings of people close to me. It took me well into adulthood before I realized not everyone was as tapped in to others as I was.

My startle reflex is something that used to drive my husband crazy until he finally came to understand this is all a part of my being highly empathic. I can’t even be in the room when certain disturbing programs are on the TV. They stay with me way too long and cause extreme discomfort to me.

It’s actually quite fun being a psychic medium. I can tap into the energy of a loved one who’s passed and hear what ever they feel like imparting to me. My father-in-law recently popped in to let me know he was giving extra love and support to my daughter who was facing a challenging situation in those minutes. This brought a calming reassurance to my heart.

The loving connection I hold with the Ascended Masters is the greatest gift I could ever imagine. They are my Higher self and I am blessed to be in the shoes of this personality form so that I can share their wisdom with others. I will be writing with their help on subsequent blogs about all things metaphysical. I thank you for taking the time to read this and look forward to connecting with you again on my weekly blog.

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