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Living in the Flow

Living a life of abundance filled with loving companionship and ease of living is something many of us strive for all our lives. Interestingly enough, it is this exact striving that is putting us outside of our own flow. It creates dissonance where we seek cohesiveness to Source.

Realizing the importance of staying in a state of flow is the first step to achieving it. With that intention in mind, we then conduct our lives satisfying our inner callings. Focusing on what we love, what brings us joy or what we most appreciate in our lives will bring more of the same in different forms. As we keep our eyes and intuition alert to subtle and not so subtle synchronicity, we can then decide to step forward into the opportunities that feel right in each moment.

It can be a challenge to know what is "right" in any given instance. When something gives you a lift, when it looks fun or interesting, before the monkey mind chimes in with all the reasons not to do it, let yourself step forward. This is the way to living life to its highest potential.

If something comes along that you feel you must do to satisfy the needs or wants of another, or of the strict parent within your own mind, let it sit for a while. As you continue to hand the decision over to spirit, you will come into your own knowing as to whether or not it is something worthwhile in its compromise.

There are times we must do activities which are not high on our list of favorites. These may take a bit of mental flexing to bring into alignment for ourselves. By taking our focus off the displeasure of it, and putting all our focus instead on how it will lead to something we are choosing to enhance our life's experience, we bring ourselves right back into the flow.


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