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Effects of Over Functioning

Have you ever taken on too much responsibility for someone such as a loved one or even a work colleague? We can find ourselves doing this as a matter of habit without even realizing it. This is one area of our lives that if we take the time to make some changes in, we can free up an amazing amount of energy for ourselves. This energy can be used to move ourselves forward in tremendous ways, once we decide there is importance to what we have to offer the world.

Take for example, the way you might jump in to help when no one has asked you to. This tends to pass on the unstated message that you think you can do it better than they can. It is a very dis-empowering thing to do to people, even if you have only the best intentions. You are telling them by your actions that you don’t believe they have what it takes to take care of whatever it is you are helping with.

Next time you catch yourself falling into this often times repetitive behavior, remember to look at it from this perspective. This will help you allow them to help themselves – which will bring them to a much higher place overall. At the same time, you benefit the world by having more time and energy to create the magic YOU came here for!

My life has changed dramatically since I became more aware of my old tendency to fall into this treacherous trap. I know for certain my family is grateful, even if it did take some getting used to on their part.

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