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About LouAnne

LouAnne Ludwig came into a clear and direct connection to higher consciousness after a spiritual awakening experience in 2007 where she began channeling Ascended Masters. Her training with them was and continues to be quite extensive, bringing forth incredible abilities. She can tune into your higher guidance in order to help you find your way more quickly to solutions to what ever issues might be causing you stress and frustration.


She will also help you see where you hold up shields that hinder you from fully flourishing. Her intuitive gifts are sublime, bringing you near-immediate results just by having conversations with her as she brings through your higher guidance.

Many are also heartened to hear from their loved ones who've passed, bringing them comfort while often times providing additional answers and insights.


She also has the rare ability to see into the energy behind specific relationship issues where you will be privy to knowing what is motivating another to react with you a certain way.

LouAnne works together with you and divine guidance to expediently bring you into newfound clarity, moving you forward into a more abundant and fulfilling life.



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