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Winds of Change

There has never been a time in our history when the freedoms of so many have been more curtailed than they are now. We are being brought into a new time here on earth, where we will be seeing things much differently. This would not have been easily brought about without the extreme shut down of everything we became so used to be easily accessing. Even the internet is becoming a place where the ones who have gained access to back doors are directing most everything we look at or search for.

When we look with the eyes of Higher Consciousness, it is quite clear we are being re-directed in a big way. Where we are going remains to be seen, but we are in this together and will uncover the mystery of it all as we step through each day. As we do our best to keep ourselves centered and feel the joy for all that comes before us, we are reminded that life is meant to be filled with adventure. Even when things look dire, we have only to hold on to our faith and keep our sights trained on that which brings a smile to our face. This is the key to a life filled with an abundance of ease and joy, in whatever form that may end up taking.

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