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Surrendering Into the Present Moment

There is nothing more important these days than to become adept at surrendering into the present moment. It is the answer to every question including keeping our health intact and our energy up and high rolling.

I just finished having a bout of Vertigo to the “Nth” degree. It took me over so quickly and spun me around so that I had no idea which end was up or how long I would be under the water, so to speak. All I knew was that I needed to surrender to whatever was happening to me and I would be led to a miraculous outcome in whatever form that might be. It was not pretty, that was for sure, but when I did resurface, I became an even higher functioning intuitive. It had been a time of major rejuvenation for me.

First, I underwent extreme detoxification, tearing me down to the nub. Next, I slowly and deliberately rebuilt my human form back into the healthy and robust woman I have come to know for most of my life - but this time a more clarified version. I was introduced to new ways of being, both with my husband of 47 years and with everyone and everything I encountered. Suddenly I knew with every fiber of my being, how important it is for each of us to stay in the flow of our own individual piece of the puzzle of life in the grand scale of things.

None of us can intervene with another without stepping on their own power to do it themself. The empowerment gained from solving your own issues and circumstances cannot be overstated. There is a line we cross when we think we can do it better for someone else than they can do for themselves. The caveat here is to also realize we are all here in tandem, to help each other when the need arises. It is sometimes hard to differentiate when to help and when to step back. There is a real art to it, but it can easily become clear. First re-acknowledge connection to Source and then surrender with confidence into the flow of each moment.


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