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Our Bodies Hold the Key to Great Riches

The human body is an exceptional tool of communication. It tells us when something is off for us. If we can learn to pay attention to the nuances within our physical body, we are capable of not only staying remarkably healthy, but of rising to a point where our lives are being lived in full congruence with our highest path.

When we stay in tune with what is showing up, we can be open to seeing the clues that give us all the answers we need to flourish in every way. Not only will the health of our body be taken care of by use of this God/Spirit given plan, but abundance of all kinds will be ours.

The aches and pains of life are always pointing us in the direction we need to address in order to give us ease in our path. A sore neck may be pointing out how stubborn we are being – of not seeing things from a more well rounded perspective but instead seeing only what lies directly in front of us. A sprained ankle may be an indication that we are keeping ourselves from moving forward on some project or journey. When we feel the pain of indigestion, we may be getting the message we are not giving ourselves enough love. Perhaps we have eaten something spicy to bring us immediate comfort, but it was a food that our particular body has a hard time assimilating. This is showing us we were looking to comfort ourselves by a means that would bring immediate soothing, but take us down a more uncomfortable path in the long run. The message that stands out here is one of an urgent request for better self care overall.

Each bodily message is unique. Sometimes we know right away what has brought on a given issue, but other times we are completely in the dark. When the flu hits us from out of the blue, we usually think it is because we picked up a germ somewhere. This may be the case, but if our body was not open to accept the germ it would not have had the reaction of showing symptoms. Even if we are run down, we can “get lucky” and miss catching the illness if our body does not need it to communicate something to us.

You might wonder how accidents with injuries play into this. It is a bit hard to explain, but a simplified version is that if we are in a mind set which puts us at risk for injury, it will come about one way or another. When our body wants to convey something to us, the universe cooperates as its partner to bring about the needed message. Everything is tied together. Perhaps we are best served to be shown we are holding ourselves back on a new and exciting venture:


We sprain our knee playing basketball, or fall off our bike, or suffer a minor fender bender in the car, slamming our knee into the dashboard. When we let the message lead us to acknowledging where fear lies, we become better equipped to see it differently, then release it.

Some of this is hard for many to take in, let alone accept. The fun is when we get a chance to experience seeing what is behind some of our afflictions and then shift our thinking to bring about relief. It can take us to a whole new level of realizing the connection we all hold to the heavenly realms that are helping us in every moment to reach our highest potential.

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