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A Major Choice Point

It seems like everywhere I look lately I see people standing up to make a change in this crazy world we live in. One might be announcing a new system for bail which would create systemic change in the long run. Another may be speaking of the importance of putting fun into everything we do in order to create change more quickly and easily. No matter the subject, the idea is that we can affect change only if we can decide to step out of our complacency and allow ourselves to be uncomfortable at times.

I recently visited an ancient underwater pool surrounded by stalagmites that were ancient and enormous. This five million year old pool and its glorious calcified decor carried with it a wisdom and energy that was unsurpassed of anything I had previously experienced.

As I dipped into the uncomfortably cool water and swam across to one, I felt the crystal clear water clarifying my soul's purpose within me. Placing my hands on the largest and most senior of the magnificent stalagmites, I felt a surge of energy and heard the words

"This is the doorway to the portal where your discomfort leads to your magnificence."

Wow. Did I really hear that? Would this be the beginning of my stepping forward in whole new ways at last?

Or would I decide to take the more comfortable route just a little bit longer....mmm...

This morning I saw a vision upon awakening, of a quill pen - and heard the words

"Yes or No?"

As I follow the lead of what has already appeared before me since getting out of bed this morning, it has never been more clear to me. I choose


What do you choose?

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