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The Most Wonderful Time

This truly is the most wonderful time of the year - at least when we are in the middle of it. The smell of Christmas hits me each time I enter my home as our tree puts forth its aromatic contribution bringing memories of past years to flood my senses.

I am sincerely blessed with a wealth of love that surrounds me. Many people don't have happy memories to keep them lifted through this time. It is important to remember this, yet also important to realize we can always make our own experiences right here, right now. If we don't have warm snugly thoughts from days gone by, we can always create new ones. Even in the worst of times we can choose either to dwell on our problems, or let them catalyze us to new beginnings.

We can decide to keep our minds directed toward solutions and uplifting possibilities. This helps move us forward into a much more smooth and easy way of living even when we are in the thick of problematic situations. If we would decide to take a step back and see what lies on the other side of the mess, we can choose to see what good is being served up by the universe to give us exactly what we are focusing upon.

As we walk through each day, we will find exactly what we are looking for. With this in mind, perhaps that can help motivate us to look for the good whenever we possibly can.

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