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Finding Peace

How often have you found yourself stressed out and wishing you could find a simple way to peace and tranquility about something? In years past, this was a normal way of being for me. Since I have decided to see things differently, my life has changed tremendously. Looking at life as though everything is happening "for" me instead of "to" me has brought me back into knowing I am not in charge, but that I do have control over how I look at things. Perception is key to a peace filled life.

When we think something is happening “to” us, we have put ourselves into a victim state. This brings along with it the feeling of being at the mercy of something outside of us - a very vulnerable place to be.

If instead we realize it is truly happening “for” us, we can see it in the light of the universe utilizing its power to provide exactly what we need to help bring us to our highest placement in any given time. This is much more empowering. We often think of events that are upsetting to us as “God’s way of punishing us”. The moment we catch ourselves thinking something on this line, we can use this thought as a reminder to allow ourselves to hand the issue over to a Higher Power instead.

When we detach from the issue and its outcome in this way, we invite the universe to do its magic for us in the most remarkable of ways. We then step back and observe with neutrality as things happen in a much smoother way than if we insist on keeping a firm hand on things.

This is not to say we stand back and do nothing. Moving forward without striving is key to the equation as well. Give this a try next time you find yourself in a predicament that is bringing you stress. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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