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Opening to Receive

We all go through life wishing things were a certain way, or perhaps hoping someday they will be. This is part of what is known as the manifestation process. The moment we think of something we would like to integrate into our lives, we have set off a thought pattern of desire into the universe. This is then immediately provided for us on a certain level, as long as it is in the best interests of all concerned.

There is a caveat however, that the amount of time it takes for the idea to materialize in physical form will vary, depending on the intensity of the desire. In addition to that, there must be a certain detachment to the outcome so that we are not insisting on something that is not in place yet to be appearing before it is ready to do so. This releasing of our attachment to the outcome is paramount in the process.

The best way to help yourself detach when whatever it is you want is something you think you must have right now, is to give the reins over to The Divine/your Higher Self. This releases your feeling of responsibility thereby freeing your energy up to better align with being open to receive.

Now that you have put your request out there without clinging to the outcome, you can proceed with your regular practice of staying in the flow so that the universe can continue to provide you with everything you need in its perfect timing. This is the key to becoming a master at manifesting your desires. If you find yourself stressing and straining, that’s your cue to hand it back over and step into the flow once again. There is no easier way to live a life filled with abundance than this.

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