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Surrendering and Letting Go

There are many tools which can bring us into higher states of peaceful consciousness, but none more effective and fast acting than surrendering and letting go of our control as we give it over to a Higher power. Any time we are struggling with something that gives us tension, letting go of that rope will lead to results we could never dream of achieving on our own.

It’s almost as though the feeling of frustration or tension is a sign to remind us to come into alignment more closely. This alarm bell can be a signal for us to make a shift in our thinking and allow the universe to step in with its powerful wonders. It’s about the easiest technique we can utilize to release ourselves from the burdens we carry, yet it’s also the one that seems the hardest to remember. Maybe that’s because we have spent so many years striving to maintain our control, no matter what.

Now that we’ve found a way to prove to ourselves this is not the most effective route, maybe we will take advantage of this release method to bring ourselves into the highest possible standing we can realize while on this earth. That all powerful connection to our God self within is what can catapult us into a whole new realm of being - one where we maintain our calm, peaceful demeanor while expanding our capabilities almost effortlessly.

There is still the requirement of taking action. After all, we do live within the constraints of our earthbound bodies – but the action we now take is divinely inspired, making our efforts less significant. When we are in the flow of life, we notice more what is going right for us so that little irritations no longer even come up on our radar.

Next time you find yourself in a position where your frustrations are beginning to rise, take a moment to center yourself and give the issue over to the divine to handle it for you. Then watch for signs from the universe that will show you things are being handled in the highest possible way for all concerned.

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