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Butterflies Ascending

My hometown has been overtaken the past few days by flocks of freshly hatched butterflies. It is an incredible sight to behold. Truly incredible.

The decent of the butterflies is a phenomenon that has come about because of the intense rain and intermittent delightfully sunny weather. There hasn’t been a time before that has had such a fertile groundswell for the birth of these glorious insects who symbolize the rebirth of each of us in new ways.

Metaphorically speaking, these beautiful creatures go from being one with many legs carrying the weight of the world around with them – to amazingly different, lighter versions of themselves, who flit and fly on a whim, visiting whatever flower catches their eye in a given moment.

The newness of their lives are as though they have been born all over again, yet with the same mainframe they started with. The way they used to function no longer serves them as they now have completely new operating systems. They were able to let go of the old by cocooning themselves inside a silky exterior while they generated new energies and new ways of thinking about themselves.

The same thing can be accomplished by us humans if we choose to do so. Our cocoon is easily made by our being completely willing to allow our higher levels to work through us for a period of time bringing us to a precipice where we will then step forward completely integrated.

This may seem like an impossibility, but in fact it is not. We only need to be realizing that every time we think of something we are not sure about a decision on, we would consult higher consciousness. When we get the feeling of expansion in one direction over the other, we then know we are in alignment with the direction that is in our highest interest.

Sometimes that highest interest may not line up with our own expectations, but always it will bring us to a place of peace and tranquility much more quickly than we could have ever achieved without this heavenly directing. In the end, we will find ourselves living a life of carefree flitting from flower to flower, enjoying the flavor of everything in our path.

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