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Concepts of Time

Time is an interesting concept. It is said that in our 3D reality, time is linear - a set thing. When we open our minds to higher vibrational concepts, it begins to make sense that time is based wholly on our perceptions in any given moment. When we are totally engrossed in a thrilling encounter, time seems to stand still. That's when we are in the moment of connection with our higher self and greater consciousness, bringing us the expansion we can only know when we are truly in alignment with these energies.

In order to exercise the idea of "bending time", lean into your higher level knowing that the intended outcome is already complete, and revel in the emotion of jubilation that accompanies it. This means visualizing the idea of already being where you were rushing to get to, and having an awesome time reveling in your amazement of how much fun it was to jump into this future slice of the matrix in just the right universal timing - whatever that might mean! It is of paramount importance that the details are not brought forward in the vision, but only the emotions you feel having stepped into this placement with the greatest of ease and how wonderful that feels to you as you lean into that exquisite energy.

With a little practice, you will be amazed at how interesting the concept of time will reveal itself to be. New ways of thinking bring new ways of being.

Higher energies bringing new concepts into our awareness.


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