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Staying in The Flow

Have you ever wondered how to live your life with ease and grace at every turn? We often think we need to always be arranging things so that we can have what we want, then when things don't pan out as we had intended we get upset.

Instead, if we would learn to stay in the flow and allow that which we desire to come to us, we would find a whole new appreciation for everything that unfolds before us.

Staying in the flow is easier than it sounds. The way to do this is to relax into everything that presents itself to you. When someone is talking to you, do not allow your mind to be coming up with answers in your head as they speak. Listen to the end with full focus and engagement. Then sit for a fraction of a minute while the words of reply come to you from your inner connection to Source energy.

When a situation occurs which knocks you off a bit, allow yourself to become still and relaxed for a moment to see what unfolds, instead of immediately jumping out in reactive mode. You will be surprised how very natural this can become the more you practice it. Soon everything you witness will begin to look as though it has come along just to show you something which can be of help to you.

The most amazing thing about this phenomenon is that it changes the course of your entire life. What was once hard becomes easy and free flowing. No more resistance getting in the way of everything you are trying to accomplish. You are now master of your destiny without being that strict task master you once were. Instead you have become a master at staying in the flow and addressing that which comes in a smooth and manageable fashion.

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