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Anticipation of Change

When we find ourselves in a time where things are changing and shifting, it is sometimes hard to discern between a stall of sorts and resistance. Sometimes the universe is stalling things in order for other areas of support to fall into place. The concept of "all in good time" is one many of us chaff over with impatience as we find our momentum set by the wayside, in waiting for other pieces to make their way forward to join our symphony.

Other times, when the inertia that carries us forward most of the time has all but dissipated, we must come to terms with some inner resistance that is holding us back. The trick is figuring out which affliction is hitting us at any given time, so we know how to respond.

In times of such quandary, my favorite way to check in is to get quiet with myself and ask the universe to show me what is my highest path in this time. There is nothing better than to hand over the reins and discover the magic that can now come forward when I am no longer putting out frequencies of interference. As I walk forward allowing the movement within my life to expose the areas best served for my focus, I will find myself flourishing in the hands of Spirit.

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