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Lawana Haney

Atlanta, GA

Jeannie S:
Ontario, Canada

"LouAnne's incredible clarity and accuracy around her readings, combined with her generous spirit and beautiful personality make for a powerful experience. 

It brought me chills when she shared things with me around my late Aunt and our connection with each other.

Thank you LouAnne for sharing your gift with us!" 

Shuntena O:

Seatle, WA


"LouAnne recently gave me a session with my dad and grandma.

Somehow I felt even more warmth and love from them than when they were alive! Tears of both joy and relief rolled down my face. They gave me just the answers I was seeking. It was beautiful and I am ever so grateful!!"

Susan R:
Riverside, CA
Susan Ray.jpg

"I have been fortunate to have LouAnne give me several readings. She has brought through answers from my loved ones that I really needed to hear directly from them, even though I already knew the answers within myself. Once she surprised me by taking on a characteristic of my mother, chewing on the side of her lip during her entire chat with me. It was such a comfort to have that added validation she could never have known."

Dondra H:

Atlanta, GA

Dondra Haney.jpg

"My session with LouAnne was absolutely amazing. I have never felt so close to my husband since he passed.  I was experiencing his true essence...

I have cried so many tears of appreciation... there will never again be any doubt in my mind about another dimension. I am thankful with all my heart to LouAnne for this opportunity.  She is truly blessed with a beautiful gift."

Gail E:
Charlston, SC

"It was great that LouAnne was able to serve as an intermediary to express what my mother had to say to me. That it came in the form of a letter that had similar tendencies of the ones she would write to me as a child when I was away at camp and was very heartwarming and reaffirming.

I would highly recommend getting a reading from LouAnne if you have anyone you are interested in contacting on the other side. You won't be disapointed."

Jacqui E:
St. Louis, MO

"I would like to say that having had readings from LouAnne Ludwig, she wants nothing more than for you to find the PEACE you are looking for. She has a heart as big as they come. I always feel like I am talking to a long lost friend when working with LouAnne. She is so easy to talk to and her connection is so filled with love. She is truly a gift!"

Debra P:
Yucaipa, CA

"There were answers in the message LouAnne gave me from my mother that only I knew the questions to. It was also a great comfort because she was my rock and always made me feel good about myself.  How I miss her encouraging words...

Thank you LouAnne, for bringing her words back to me."

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