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Thankful for this Gift

As we come away from our respective Thanksgiving gatherings, it seems appropriate to share how very thankful I am for everything that has come into my experience in the last month or so.

I recently attended a retreat where everyone in attendance was every bit as tuned into their spiritual gifts as I am. They have become family to me like I could never before imagine. I learned about old operating systems I have had firmly in place that no longer serve me. It made me wonder just how much I was holding myself back from experiencing everything that life has to offer me.

What I discovered upon dropping off those shackles, was an amazing amount of energy at my disposal. Not only that, but I felt more at ease with myself than I ever have in my entire life.

Coming home was quite interesting, in that my family had no idea there was still so much going on inside me even in my sleep. The energy that continues to pour through me bringing me to new understandings and even higher ways of looking at things. I can hardly wait to see what The Universe has in store for me next!!

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