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Inspiration for A Journey Within

When the stories were first written, long before A Journey Within was an idea for a book, they were meant as a teaching tool for me alone. I was undergoing a massive training period where these metaphysical processes would set the stage as groundwork for my transformation into the enlightened empath I was to become.

Little did I know, as I worked my way through becoming an expert in each of them, that I would eventually be speaking, teaching, and writing about them in many forums. Using these tools on a regular basis can change your life without a doubt.

The simply told stories are tied together with underlying themes meant to find their way to the surface as the stories are re-read, giving depth and texture to the story overall. If you only read one chapter, you will definitely receive benefit of one of the tools, but you won't feel the impact of the entire story or the vibrational resonance infused into the story as a whole. This is why an over all reading is best the first time out.

Many people have told me they've benefited greatly from referring back to brush up on specifics. It can also be a great source for your morning "lucky dip" into a book - where you would set an intention to find the most inspiring point for you in that moment.

The stories may be too simple for some to think it is even worth reading, but they are presented this way for a reason. They appeal to the part of our mind that does not get caught up in thinking, but instead enjoys the simplicity and beauty while at the same time takes in the messages. This creates the immediate clarity needed for proper implementation in our fast paced world. When we are delayed by over thinking, we may miss out on opportunities to utilize the processes we just read about. The longer we go without practicing a technique just learned, the more likely it is to fade.

The more you use the tools, the sooner you'll begin to wonder what you ever did without them.

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