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Magnetics of Money

I have had several conversations lately about the subject of money and how it affects each of us differently. It is such a loaded subject; the energy can be sucked out of a room at its mere mention.

If what we want to be doing is attracting more into our lives, it is vitally important that we line up vibrationally to that concept. This is simpler than we think. We tend to get caught up in the idea that wanting something is all we need to do to attract it, when in reality, just wanting it, often has the quality of “gotta have it” attached. This is the exact opposite of what it takes to bring something to us energetically.

When we put the emphasis of feeling on what it is we DON’T want, that is exactly what tends to come in. Instead, the message we want to give to the universe is activity of mental processing that lines up with how beautiful we believe money is because of the wonderful ways it lifts us.

As we pass by a Florist shop, we might think about how much we appreciate their service of helping others feel good with their product. As we stop to put gas in our car, we can revel in how amazing our ease of travel has evolved over the past 100 years. When we walk through the grocery store, be amazed at the delicious choices we have at our fingertips without even needing to raise a hand except to put it in our cart and purchase it – with money. This can go on all day long as it lifts your vibration surrounding the subject of money, thereby attracting more of it to you without any direct effort.

What ways can you come up with to begin to embrace the idea of money being a conduit of ease and grace for all to share in?

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