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New Horizons

I am so excited to announce my new book which has come out and is now available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and various other bookstores. It has been a long time in the making because I took the opportunity after writing it to utilize it myself. It taught me in an experiential manner, everything it contained. I had spent years studying these concepts and had a full understanding of their workings, but never completely integrated them into my everyday life until the past few years as I kept this book close to hand to remind me of the details and importance of each technique.

You too can discover a life of ease and abundance just as I have, by integrating some or all of these tools. It will help you discover a whole new way of living life in an accepting and graceful mode. I can't express enough, how my life has been changed by utilizing that which is found in this charming story of a young boy stranded on an island out in the Pacific.

The abundance and love which has entered my life has astounded not only me but the ones who surround me. I have come so far in the ways of accepting change and allowing the universe to unfold its beautiful gifts for me to discover, it's almost as if I am a different person - but I'm not.

This book will be well worth the time given to reading it. It will serve you in ways that will surprise you. It certainly did me. I am proof these things work like a charm. Really.

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