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Making Hard Choices

Sometimes the elements of our lives do not present themselves in a clear manner. Sometimes, it's as though everywhere we look we see another choice and another perspective, leaving us in a stupor as to making any kind of a decision.

When this happens the best possible course is to stand back and let clarity find its way into our experience. This is not always easy, as we often find ourselves overwhelmed and wanting to jump forward just to put the stress of it all behind us.

If we can find our way instead, to a peace filled place within ourselves, and just sit there with it for a while, we will soon see patterns emerging to show us more clearly what direction we are best served to be taking.

The relief of knowing all the answers lie within the hand of higher consciousness is something we can use to help us gain our footing in times such as these. This trust will lead us to a better understanding of the bigger picture which is always revealed to us if we keep our eyes open for it.

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