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Attracting Our Desires

Whenever we decide to see something from a certain perspective, we need to remember to always be open to changing our outlook when new information arrives. This new data is coming in so that the coloration of expression is intensified in our experience. Without the contrasts we will never see the choices we have right in front of us quite so clearly.

As we experience that which we do not want, it shows us with ultra clarity that which we do want. This is the universe's way of helping us to clearly identify that which we are wanting to attract into our experience to create the most beautiful, love filled and abundant life we could imagine.

It is with this clarity that we can then proceed forward, knowing that the universe is busy on our behalf fulfilling this all important request.

If we only knew, all we have to do is know what we want - with such clarity that we are adamant. Once we have come to this point, we only need to release ourselves to the allowing of it. This will bring it forward for us.

Sometimes we tend to step back in the way when the fog begins to roll in - as it sometimes does. When this happens, a simple shift in our thought process to bring us once again into the excitement of knowing exactly what it is we want, will put us right back on track to the fulfillment of our desires in the most positive of ways.

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