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Walking Through Our Fears

There are times when we want to be seeing things in a certain light but the universe shows us otherwise. It is these times when we would be best served to float with what we are seeing until clarity arises. In this clarity will be the universe's highest plan for us all, unraveling in incremental stages. We never know what part of the master plan we are standing in at any given moment.

No matter where our choices bring us we will be led to an outcome which matches up with our highest potential every time we keep in mind the idea of surrendering to the flow of the universe. When we utilize this method of living our lives with "surrendering to the flow" staying uppermost in our mind as we go through our day, we will find ourselves in a position of receiving everything in the form of a gift. No matter if we like the experience or not, we can choose to accept that we have been gifted with it, so that we can be brought to the other side of it in a much higher way. By walking directly towards any experience, be it joyful or painful, we can have the same outcome. One where we have grown and expanded and brought ourselves to a whole new level of being. If instead we decide to avoid the distasteful experience by turning away or walking around it, we merely prolong the pain by inviting it to revisit us in another form until we ultimately face it head on and put it behind us at last.

The more we decide to walk directly into the flame so to speak, be it toward the joys in our lives or the challenges, the sooner we will find ourselves in a place of accepting that all of life is a gift and that this great gift is expanding and changing with each passing day.

There's really nothing to lose but our fear. We know this is true because whenever we have pushed thru this fear in the past we have brought ourselves forward into a most exciting new placement. Even when we ended up losing our equilibrium for a moment we still landed further ahead in our ability to enjoy the progress we have spent a lifetime building.

When at last we decide we will set aside our greatest fears, we will come into a knowing that there is something to be gained by moving forward. The decision to see the fears for what they are - catalysts for procrastination and self-sabotage - will help us to discern when the fear is actually a just concern in disguise or when it is merely our higher self's way of prolonging our stepping past the distress until we can conclude we are at last ready to do so.

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