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Stepping Past Resistance

When we find ourselves at a point where we want to be moving forward with something but are being held back from it by seemingly invisible forces, it would serve us to look at where the resistance is actually coming from. Often it is so much easier to blame another, even God, when it is very likely coming directly from within our own psyche. The resistance which is flaring up can present itself in many ways. Procrastination is one. The inability to carry off something which normally comes very easily to us for whatever reason, another.

The first step is to recognize the presence of it. Only then can we go within ourselves to ask exactly what is holding us back from that which we are wanting to accomplish. The answer may come in many forms, but if we stay alert with our instincts, we will find the stumbling place that needs smoothing out so that the outcome we’ve been looking for can find its way into being.

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