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Choose Once Again

The highest way we have of functioning in our lives is to realize that we always have choice in everything we do including what we think about. The ways in which our thoughts play a part in our experience can be illustrated by our making the choice of seeing things as they truly are or by deciding to allow our smaller self to see them through the filters which only it can call forth. These filters get in our way unless we decide to push them aside and allow our higher self or inner God self, to step through giving us the power and ability to create exactly what we want to be seeing there instead.

Sometimes our mind gets wrapped up in the minutia of how things are adversely affecting us while the actual reality is that our perception of things color what we see always. Without fail. If we can just choose to shift our perception to allow in what it is we truly want to be seeing - be it the exceptional interaction, the magnificent job, the finest relationship, the superb family situation or body and so on, we can jump past all the revelations of shuffling through the mud of our experiences and land instead right in the middle of exactly where we most want to be. Right where the universe would have us be if we would only just get out of the way and allow ourselves to arrive there.

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