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Webinar Awaken Your Multidimensionality with The Pyramid Consciousness

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN THIS WEBINAR, PLEASE SCHEDULE FOR 10/1/2023 the rest will be automatically scheduled for you.

Join with LouAnne, Sabine & Shuntena as facilitators along with  a small group of about 10 committed people to step into this amazing portal to receive.

The Pyramid Consciousness consists of a set of energies and frequencies that support you on a vibrational level in activating your multidimensional abilities on a DNA level, remembering your True Self and allowing for a Timeline Shift through a reset in your experiences.


Energetic Opening on equinox 9/23, recording provided.

8 Live One Hour Webinars, 9am Pacific/noon Eastern/9pm Central European Time via Zoom,

from 10/1/23 - 1/21/24 (no webinars during Christmas/New Year)

and a bonus Closing ceremony 2/4/24 via zoom - recording provided.


Week 0: Energetic opening with energies from the egyptian pyramids as a preparation

Week 1: Opening the gateways for the energies of the Pyramid Consciousness

Week 2: Freedom from stuck emotions, outdated beliefs and old habits & paradigms

Week 3: Allowing for receiving

Week 4: Strengthening the connection to your soul's journey

Week 5: Expansion

Week 6: Inner balance

Week 8: Awakening your multidimensional abilities and embodying your luminous self

Bonus Week 9: Closing Ceremony with integration


Also receive: Images of Sacred Geometry Symbols for each session, recordings of the Cosmic Connections Transmissions for each session, recordings of each Zoom session, which will include Personalized Channelled input from Ascended Masters - along with an Ebook with background info, tips and SG symbols, and access to a Private FaceBook group with info and guidance from the facilators, Q&A, and exchange with the group.

Webinar Awaken Your Multidimensionality with The Pyramid Consciousness

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