This package includes a one on one, half hour session with LouAnne, and two dream submissions. After writing out your first dream, you will have a chance to work directly with LouAnne where she will then give you an indepth analysis of your dream. The entire session, including the dream analysis will be recorded and sent to you in MP3 form. You will also have the opportunity to send another dream by way of email, which she will then analyze and send back by return email.


All dreams are filled with metaphors meant to help us see what is going on in our lives through the eyes of higher consciousness.

When we dream of another person, they are merely a character who represents a part of ourselves. Each object and place also represent something very personal to us, leading us to see the symbolism in a manner unique to our own experience.

The everyday occurrences we encounter also play into the remembering of the meanings behind certain aspects of any dream, adding to our capacity for recalling it the next morning as well.


​Working with LouAnne together with your dreams will give an astonishing window into your inner most thoughts and concerns, and help you to move forward with areas you are struggling with in your life in a more peaceful easy manner.


Intuitive Dream Analysis Package



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