September 18, 2018

Many people wonder just what was the spiritual experience that blasted me open to all kinds of incredible metaphysical gifts. Several years ago, I went into a very deep meditation led by a facilitator and suddenly began channeling Ascended Masters. It was an amazing experience and ushered in all sorts of paranormal activity that showed up around me for a couple of weeks until I let my fears overtake me. This compelled me to shut it all down until I could become better equipped for the changes this would bring about in my life. Slowly I opened back up, partially with the help of some stories I had written to help me build a stronger base from which to work from. These stories later became the book I would call A Journey Within.

I have always had a heightened sense of intuition, and an influx of song...

May 25, 2018

Sometimes the elements of our lives do not present themselves in a clear manner. Sometimes, it's as though everywhere we look we see another choice and another perspective, leaving us in a stupor as to making any kind of a decision.

When this happens the best possible course is to stand back and let clarity find its way into our experience. This is not always easy, as we often find ourselves overwhelmed and wanting to jump forward just to put the stress of it all behind us.

If we can find our way instead, to a peace filled place within ourselves, and just sit there with it for a while, we will soon see patterns emerging to show us more clearly what direction we are best served to be taking.

The relief of knowing all the answers lie within the hand of higher consciousness is something we can use to he...

May 18, 2018

Whenever we decide to see something from a certain perspective, we need to remember to always be open to changing our outlook when new information arrives. This new data is coming in so that the coloration of expression is intensified in our experience. Without the contrasts we will never see the choices we have right in front of us quite so clearly.

As we experience that which we do not want, it shows us with ultra clarity that which we do want. This is the universe's way of helping us to clearly identify that which we are wanting to attract into our experience to create the most beautiful, love filled and abundant life we could imagine.

It is with this clarity that we can then proceed forward, knowing that the universe is busy on our behalf fulfilling this all important request.

If we only knew, a...

December 8, 2017

The highest way we have of  functioning in our lives is to realize that we always have choice in everything we do including what we think about. The ways in which our thoughts play a part in our experience can be illustrated by our making the choice of seeing things as they truly are or by deciding to allow our smaller self to see them through the filters which only it can call forth. These filters get in our way unless we decide to push them aside and allow our higher self or inner God self, to step through giving us the power and ability to create exactly what we want to be seeing there instead.

Sometimes our mind gets wrapped up in the minutia of how things are adversely affecting us while the actual reality is that our perception of things color what we see always. Without fail. If we can just...

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